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Compare prices Kahlua Original Coffee Regular 18 Count K-Cups

Kahula K-Cups: Flavor in Every Cup A powerful blend of pure Arabica beans with hints of caramel, rum and vanilla, each Kahula Coffee K-Cup is a flavor experience unlike any other. Crafted to capture the essence of Kahula without the alcohol, you can enjoy the rich flavor and strong body when on the way to work, sitting with the morning paper or just before that 10 am meeting. An essential eye opener, each K-Cup delivers the freshest, boldest dose of flavor in a strong cup of coffee. Not for the faint of heart, this blend is rich, robust and made to start every morning with a kick. Sealed for freshness, Kahula K-Cups are opened only seconds before the brew process begins and hot water seeps through the thick grounds depositing flavor, drip by drip, into your mug. Built to make coffee easy, each K-Cup houses the entire brewing process. Even if you’re sharing a kitchen you don’t have to worry about rinsing out a pot or brew basket. Just pop in your favorite pack of bold flavor and a few minutes later, sip a rich, full bodied coffee, with no grounds or mess to clean up. Perfect if you’re always on the go, or have better ways to spend your time than playing with the coffee machine, pack a punch of flavor in your mug with Kahula Coffee K-Cups.

Compare prices Donut Shop 18 Count K-Cups

Donut Shop K-Cups Deliver Rich Flavor in Every Sip Smooth, mellow and full of flavor, Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups are the perfect way to ease into your morning and add a little something to every afternoon. Deceptively simple, the Donut Shop brand might sound like your average cup of Joe, but every sip of this medium roast is far from it. Inspired by other northwestern blends, each drop of this coffee packs a rich aroma, balanced acidity, unexpected floral notes and a smooth finish that will leave you satisfied. The ultimate blend to please a wide range of coffee drinkers, this mellow medium brings home the same premium taste you pay for at the café, at a fraction of the cost. Perfect brews every time, the Keurig system pumps hot pressurized water through the rich grounds creating the optimum conditions that push every ounce of flavor right into your mug. And since each vacuum packaged K-Cup is opened moments before the brew process begins, you get roaster freshness in every drop. A great way to get exceptional coffee taste at home or in the office with having to worry about a mess, Donut Shop K-Cups create the rich, aromatic coffee you love in minutes. Try a sip of this mellow medium bodied blend and discover the subtle notes and clean finish that make this brew a perfect start to your day.

Compare prices Newman's Own Special Blend Extra Bold 18 Count K-Cups

Newman's Own Special Blend Extra Bold 18 Count K-Cups Newman's Own Special Blend K-Cups give you more excitement, more flavor and greater taste. Bold yet refined, strong yet smooth, this inspired blend of medium-roasted Central American coffees and darker-roasted Indonesians is rich and robust, with plenty of body to stand up to all the cream and sugar that you might want to add. And the best news is – it’s organic. So only the best, most natural grounds are vacuum sealed in each K-Cup. Enjoy exceptional coffee that’s ready almost instantly with the Keurig refills that are expressly designed for Keurig brewers. Brewed right in the cup, they bring you all the flavor and freshness without the mess of grinding and clean up. An ode to simple pleasures, these Extra Bold K-Cups make everyday special with their original, outstanding taste and sweet, smoky cedar-toned aromas. One sip is all you need to realize why experts call Newman’s coffee, “A classic.”

Compare prices Reusable Filter for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

Ekobrew - Make Coffee, Not TrashThere are plenty of reasons for Keurig single serve brewer owners to buy an Ekobrew. But more than anything, the makers of Ekobrew think that making the Earth a better place to live is the best of all. Packaging Ekobrew could have been packaged in one of many ways. It could have been packaged in non-biodegradable plastic - but that doesn't do a lot for saving the earth. It could have been packed in a cheap, disposable cardboard box. Instead, Ekobrew reusable filters come in attractive, high quality canisters that can be used to store or carry your Ekobrew. What's more, they are 100% biodegradable.

Compare prices Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee 18 Count  K-Cups

Indulge Your Senses with Gloria Jeans Hazelnut K-Cups Coffee Coffee that makes you go mmmmmm! These Hazelnut K-Cups are loaded with flavor and passion filling not just your senses with their warm nutty roast, but permeating the very air around with tantalizing aromas. Deep hazelnut accents will leave a lingering flavor on your lips as you sip on the incredibly smooth blend of creamy coffee while its medium roast serves to enhance the rich, buttery sweetness with every sip. It’s a good thing the pack comes with 18 Keurig refills since everyone will want a cup of this irresistible blend! From bean to mug, every K-Cup uses only the finest roasts packaged in air-tight Keurig refills that are designed exclusively for the Keurig brewing systems. And since each cup of coffee is a deeply harmonizing and personal experience, you can make just how much you want, whenever desire strikes. With the Gloria Jeans Hazelnut K-Cups, feeling good through the day has never been easier. Brew up a glorious cup and experience it for yourself.

Compare prices Butter Toffee Coffee 18 Count K-Cups

Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-Cups: Smooth, Creamy Sweetness Butter Toffee Coffee K-Cups bring rich aromas and a touch caramel goodness in the balanced, even tones of a medium roast. A delight for those who like a touch of toffee, this flavored coffee brings smooth buttery taste and a hint of dessert to your lips with every sip. Whether accompaniment for weekend cinnamon rolls or a well deserved afternoon treat, each pack brews in minutes, delivering sweet balanced flavor to your cup just when you want. While Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-Cups are brimming with flavor, they also brew with simplicity and freshness that can’t be matched. Packaged in a vacuum sealed K-Cup, each ounce of this delicious blend is kept roaster fresh until seconds before the brewing process begins and hot water flows through producing a rich buttery brew just for you. Whether sweet delicious coffee is a daily ritual or a treat for special occasions, the Keurig system makes brewing and sharing a kitchen, both at home and in the office, easy and delicious. Add these K-Cups to your cupboard and get a sip of toffee goodness and lift of a medium roast whenever a sweet mood strikes.

Compare prices 2-Quart Whistling Teakettle, Black

2-Quart Whistling Teakettle, Black

Compare prices MEDIUM VARIETY      48C PACK 15727


Compare prices 60 oz. Tea Kettle

Temperature control switch regulates water temperature to maximizeflavor for a variety of tea blends. Has a generous 60 oz capacity for afull pot of tea, coffee or ht chocolate. Built in water level to measurewater accurately and easily. 1140 watts of power with automatic shutoff. 5 Year full Warranty.

Compare prices Keurig Brewed Stainless Steel K-Cup Drawer- 36 Capacity

The Nifty Stainless Steel K-Cup Drawer is a stylish, space saving way to store your favorite K-Cup packs. The efficient, space saving design allows for you to place the brewer on top of the drawer, so your K-Cup packs do not take up any more of your precious counter space. The Nifty Stainless Steel K-Cup Drawer will hold up to 36 K-Cup packs. The sliding drawer construction makes selecting your favorite K-Cup extremely easy. The stainless steel design will look elegant and classy on any kitchen countertop.

Compare prices Breakfast Blend For Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems, 108-pk

This light blend is bright, sweet, and engaging. A great way to start your day. 6 boxes of 18 K-Cups per case pack for a total of 108 K-Cups.  These can be used in all Keurig Brewers.

Compare prices Hazelnut Blend For Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems, 108-pk
Compare prices 2-1/3 qt. Tea Kettle - Copper Bottom

The Revere 2-1/3 qt. copper bottom tea kettle is made of quality stainless steel and whistles when water comes to a boil. It features a stay cool phenolic handle and trigger mechanism to open the spout for pouring. Perfect for enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Compare prices Signature Blend Decaffeinated Coffee T-Discs - 80 count
Compare prices Chai Tea Latte - 40 count

Contains 40 ct T-Disc

Compare prices Green Tea Assortment, 64 Bags/bx; Assorted Styles

Taste the wonders of green tea. This green tea assortment kit offers you eight individually packed varieties of this classic tea. You can choose from green tea, green tea decaffeinated, Constant Comment™ green tea, green tea with mint, green tea with lemon, earl grey green, green tea with peach and green tea with mango. Beverage Type: Green Tea; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Assorted; Packing Type: Bag.

Compare prices Coffee Pods, Single-Cup, Hazelnut Creme Flavored, 14 pods [4.4 oz (126 g)]

A unique coffee experience. Hazelnut Creme: Our unique blend of 100% Arabica beans are accented with a touch of nutty hazelnut flavor for a smooth and pleasing cup. A subtle sweet flavor that can be enjoyed as a delicious ending to a meal or a great way to start your day. JavaOne convenient single-cup coffee pods allow you to brew coffee your way - one smooth an delicious cup at a time. For use with single-cup pod brewing systems only. For a complete list of compatible brewing systems, visit our website. A unique coffee experience. Taste the difference of air-roasted coffee with the smooth and rich taste of JavaOne. 100% Arabica coffees from premier growing regions around the globe are roasted in small batches on our patented air-roasting system. This unique method ensures an even roast throughout the bean resulting in a smooth and consistent flavor in every cup. Convenient single-cup pods allow you to brew coffee your way - one smooth and delicious cup at a time. Guaranteed convection roasted: rich and smooth.

Compare prices Espresso Point Cartridge

Convenient, pre-measured cartridges for use exclusively with the Lavazza Point Machine. Place a cartridge in the machine, close the door, and press button to brew. Beverage Type: Coffee; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Arabica Blend; Packing Type: Cartridges.

Compare prices Ground Coffee, Regular, 39oz.

Get the morning started right with a hot cup of coffee. The 100% coffee is ground and roasted to provide you with a rich and satisfying coffee for all coffeemakers. The premeasured packs allow you to quickly and easily make 10-12 cups. Beverage Type: Coffee; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Regular; Packing Type: Can.

Compare prices Coffee, 1.2 OZ., 42 Per Pack

Get the morning started right with a hot cup of coffee. The 100percent coffee is ground and roasted to provide you with a rich and satisfying coffee for all coffeemakers. The premeasured packs allow you to quickly and easily make 10-12 cups. Beverage Type: Coffee; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Regular; Packing Type: Pack.

Compare prices Flavor Assorted Tea Bags, 6 Flavors, 28 Pks/Flavor

Add variety to your life with six of your favorite flavors of tea. Great taste at any time of the day. Perfect for home and office. Includes Earl Grey, Green Tea, Constant Comment, English Teatime, Lemon Lift and Raspberry Royale. Beverage Type: Tea; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Assorted; Packing Type: Box.

Compare prices Premium Black Tea, 100 Per Box

One bag makes the perfect 8-oz. cup of tea. Great for home and office. Beverage Type: Tea; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Premium Black; Packing Type: Box.

Compare prices Gourmet Hot Cocoa, 1.25-oz. Packs, 24 Per Box

Indulge yourself year-around with this rich and creamy hot beverage. Made from the highest quality Dutch cocoa. Individual packets make the perfect cup and are ideal for home or office. Beverage Type: Cocoa; Global Product Type: Beverages; Flavor: Regular Flavor; Packing Type: Packet.