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Compare prices Jimi Hendrix Ceramic Mug

Jimi Hendrix Ceramic Mug

Compare prices Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love

Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love Gender: Boys Girls

Compare prices Young Men's Graphic T-Shirt - Jimi Hendrix

You'll be able to support your favorite rock icon with this young men's graphic T-shirt. A bold Jimi Hendrix design reads Purple Haze and lets everyone know you appreciate this innovator of the electric six-string guitar.

Compare prices Jim Fletcher Archery 120T Jimi T Thumb Release Blue Anodi

Jim Fletcher Archery 120T Jimi T Thumb Release Blue Anodi

Compare prices Inner Ear Gumy Plus Headphone - Green HAFX5G

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JVC Headphones in Green Blast Major Sound While Keeping You Comfortable Pump up the volume with these JVC Inner Ear Gumy Plus Headphones in Green. Specially contoured of soft silicone, these earbuds nestle tightly in your ear canals to provide the best quality sound. A tight fit means better noise isolation and a barrier from the outside world, all of which means superior sound. Now you can focus on your favorite album, blasting right into your ear, rather than that pesky construction outside. The JVC Headphone in Green is definitely fashionable, in a bright lime hue to match your iPod Nano, or to add some life to your all-black MP3 player, but it also delivers serious sound power. Powered by neodymium driver units, the earpieces play your music the way it was meant to be heard-with distinct, defined treble and hard-hitting bass. If you ever wanted to know why your friends giggled when you sang Excuse me, while I kiss this guy, throw these on, push play on your Jimi Hendrix album, and prepare to be schooled. (For the record, it's Kiss the sky!).