Customers Help

What is is a FREE price comparison website. We have a huge database containing products from all listed online stores. We do not sell any of the listed products. The merchant is solely responsible for the accuracy of the listed information.

I am a merchant. Why should I list my products on

1. It's a FREE and easy way to increase your online presence.
2. Your traffic to your product sales will increase.
3. You have the chance to list your products in one of the best free shopping malls available.

I have an online store, and I want to become a partner. What can I do? What are the requirements?

In order to become a listed merchant, all you have to do is to register for free, and you must be the owner of a fully functional online store.

We reserve the right to reject any store that:
1. has duplicate products
2. sells only a single product
3. does not have a crystal clear policy regarding the prices, refunds, and shipping
4. does not meet quality requirements (poor design, for example)

My products do not match any of the listed categories. Can I still list them?

We can't assure you that we will list them, but it's sure worth a try! Please note that we are not displaying some categories because they do not yet contain any products. We will display these categories once some products are available.
In the worst-case scenario, we will decide not to list your products until we find an alternate way of listing, or we'll simply list your products outside of a category, but they will only appear in search results in this case.

How can I actually get my products listed?

Just register a free account, then follow the required steps. The documentation can be found within your account.

How does the system work? How can I keep my products and prices constantly updated?

1. The feed file is validated.
2. Our validation team will validate your products.
3. Every day, our automated software will read the feed file and make the necessary updates. There is no need for you to take any action.
4. Please do not remove the feed file from your server, otherwise we won't be able to read your products and perform the update.

How can I create the feed file?

Please read the technical specs in the documentation section within your account.

My products are not listed under the right categories, why?

Perhaps it is a system error. Please contact us and specify the categories under which you wish your products to be listed.

I received a rejection for my listing request. What must I do in order for it to be accepted?

If we rejected your application, it means that you are not meeting some of the requirements. We usually let you know why we rejected the application. After you resolve all issues, apply again.

Why can't I access my account?

1. Make sure that you have tried to log in using the login page.
2. Make sure that you are using the right password. The password is case sensitive.
3. Click the "Forgot password" link to receive your password in a registration email.

How do I upload my store logo?

We recommend that you upload a store logo. Here is how to have a high quality logo:
1. Make sure that you upload a high quality image (JPEG format recommended).
2. Make sure that your store name or symbol is shown on that logo.
3. Do not upload a .gif or a .png transparent logo.
4. The recommended size is 100x38. We automatically resize images but it is safer to do that yourserlf and upload the proper logo image.
5. After uploading, please check the way it looks on the website, and if necessary, perform additional changes.

Must prices include VAT or other taxes?

Yes, the prices must include VAT.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions please contact us, we will get back to you within 12 hours.