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Compare prices 42400 12-Cup Commercial Glass Decanter, Black

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The BUNN 42400.0101 12-Cup Glass Coffee Decanter with its black handle is designed for continuous use, serving coffee for many years. Drip-proof, fast and clean pouring from the front, assures convenient serving. The decanter is constructed of materials approved by NSF for potable water applications.

Compare prices 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, White

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12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, White

Compare prices 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker - Espresso

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The KitchenAid 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker helps you brew coffee just the way you like it. The variable brew strength selector allows you to choose between regular and bold brew strengths while giving you a full-bodied cup every time. And the variable warmth control lets you choose how hot you want to keep the coffee for up to four hours.

Compare prices CooknCo French Press 2 ½ Cups

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French presses, commonly referred to as coffee plungers create a smooth, pure coffee flavor. For best results use coarse ground coffee, just pour and serve. Makes 2 1/2 cups. Constructed of stainless steel with a decorative finish and glass carafe. Handwash recommend

Compare prices 10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

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Optimal Brew 10 -Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Makes It Hot, Keeps It That wayThe Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-cup thermal coffeemaker gives you a great pot of coffee in eight minutes - and you can program the brewer to be ready when you wake up if that's still too long to wait. With its technological advances, the brewing system is created to ensure that fast and great are not contradictions. By heating water to a higher temperature than traditional brewing systems do, this thermal coffee maker extracts more flavor from the beans and also keeps the beverage warmer for longer after it's brewed.The Optimal Brew 10-cup thermal coffeemaker also avoids cooling from the start with a removable water reservoir that means no cold water in the carafe. The brewer has a side-loading filter basket that allows easy access even if the unit is under a cabinet. There's also a cleaning cycle for the ultimate in convenience.

Compare prices 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker - Black

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Get a Much-Needed AM Jolt With a Black Programmable Coffee Maker Brew up a cup of joe for you and the whole family with the 4-cup programmable coffee maker (black) by Mr. Coffee-a leading provider of a much-needed morning boost. This shiny black appliance will be your favorite tool in the kitchen, with its drip coffee maker that brews four cups at a time, perfect for breakfast with the kids or a fun family get-together. This black programmable coffee maker has a brewing pause and serve feature for the mornings where you just can't wait to get your caffeine fix, as well as a removable filter basket for easy cleanup. Don't fret if you're having a busy morning that causes a little forgetfulness, this appliance has a one-hour auto shut-off for your safety. Dual water windows with an on/off indicator light make this coffee maker simply convenient and easy to use.

Compare prices Studio Tea Maker 2.5 cups Lime

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Brew the perfect tea, and profit from it's flavor and typical benefits. The leaves are better extracted thanks to the even heat distribution of the glass body. Stay cool handle and knob made from high-quality material offers comfortable pouring.

Compare prices Universal 4 Cup Glass Coffee Carafe

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Universal design fits most 4-Cup Coffee Makers including Pause and Serve Models. Carafe is packaged with 2 lid adaptors to expand the fit. The position of the pause and serve or sneak a cup feature on your coffee maker will determine which adaptor you will need to use. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Compare prices Universal 10 Cup Glass Eurostyle Coffee Carafe

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The Universal carafe is designed to fit most 8-10 cup coffee makers as well as European style coffee makers including Braun, Krups, Proctor Silex and more. The carafe is made in the USA with borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe and thermal shock resistant.

Compare prices Hamilton Beach 49315 White 12 Cup Coffeemaker

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Hamilton Beach 49315 White 12 Cup Coffeemaker Capacity: 12 cup Pause-and-Serve Function: Yes Cord Storage: Yes Features: First cup convenience - pause & serve function lets you pour a cup while coffee is brewing Cone-shaped filter basket extracts coffee's rich, complex flavor Large water window for fast, easy filling Nonstick keep-hot plate Lighted On button Cord storage Dishwasher safe filter basket & carafe Labor: 1 year limited Parts: 1 year limited

Compare prices Universal 12 Cup Millennium Style Coffee Carafe

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This Millennium Style universal replacement carafe has been designed to fit today's newer 10-12 cup coffee makers including Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach and more. The carafe is packaged with two lids for an expanded fit. The position of the pause and serve or sneak a cup feature will determine which lid you will need to use. The pot is made in the USA from borosilicate glass and is diswasher and microwave safe.

Compare prices Studio Tea Maker 4.24 cups Lime

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Brew the perfect tea, and profit from it's flavor and typical benefits. The leaves are better extracted thanks to the even heat distribution of the glass body. Stay cool handle and knob made from high-quality material offers comfortable pouring.

Compare prices Ovente Black 2-cup Coffee Maker

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Ovente Black 2-cup Coffee Maker

Compare prices Primula 4 Cup Classic Coffee Press, Chrome

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Primula 4 Cup Classic Coffee Press, Chrome Type: French Presses Capacity: 4 cup Features: Nothing beats Primula's 4 cup Classic Coffee Press when it comes to delivering a rich, elegant, satisfying cup of coffee. Sophisticated and stylish, this design is made with high-quality durable glass and stainless steel parts framed with Chrome accents. Primula's Coffee Press has a heat-resistant knob and plunger that securely fits atop the chrome lid. The handle is made of sturdy hard plastic that gives you a firm, reliable grip that stays cool in your hand while pouring your hot coffee. The carefully designed fitted lid and angled spout allows for clean, even pours. Each Primula Coffee Press has an advanced filter plunger that provides you with superior brewing capabilities regarding coffee strength. This includes a filter spiral plate, a fine stainless-steel mesh filter with cross ...

Compare prices Proctor Silex 48350 10-Cup Coffeemaker

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Proctor Silex 48350 10-Cup Coffeemaker Type: Coffee Maker

Compare prices SmartPlanet OCIE2 Eco Cup Set

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SmartPlanet OCIE2 Eco Cup Set Type: Coffee Maker Accessories Features: EC-7PL: 16 ounce plastic eco cup EC-9: 27 ounce stainless steel canteen EC-10: 16 ounce plastic frap cup

Compare prices BrewStation? 10-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker

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BrewStation? 10-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker Type: Coffee Maker Capacity: 10 cup Programmable: Yes Automatic Shut-Off: Yes Features: The original 10 cup dispensing coffee maker Forget the Carafe - 10 cup dispensing coffee maker without a carafe Brew multiple cups of coffee and dispense one fresh cup at a time No carafe means no pouring, no spilling, no breaking and no burnt coffee flavor Coffee stays fresh longer One-hand dispensing Gentle warming heater maintains coffee's temperature - no hot plate to scorch coffee flavor Make coffee the way you always have, just add water, a standard filter and ground coffee Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff

Compare prices 40614 Stainless Steel 12 Cup Percolator

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• Hot flavorful coffee fast• Detachable cord for tabletop serving and easy storage• Coffee stays hot with gentle keep warm heater• Coffee/water-level viewing window• Cool-touch handle• Twist-off lid locks in place• No-drip spout for easy pouring• Stainless steel permanent filter basket• Ready-to-serve light indicates coffee is ready and keep hot mode has begun

Compare prices Nantucket Blend 18 Count K-Cups

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend K-Cups: An Exotic Yet Familiar Favorite Nantucket Blend K-Cups bring together unique coffees from across the globe into a balanced yet robust mix that is both spicy and satisfying with each sip. More than a treat, you’ll find each mug full of comfort whether traversing the city via bus, prepping for a morning meeting or unfolding the Sunday morning paper. A smooth yet unexpected blend, Green Mountain mixes the spicy flavors of Central America with rich, full bodied Indonesian beans and the wine/berry undertones of East African coffee to create a finely layered taste unlike any other. With just a hint of French roasted finish, each cup is a rich, satisfying experience. Made to order, Green Mountain Nantucket Blend K-Cups are vacuum sealed and opened only seconds before the brewing process begins, ensuring fresh roasted flavor in every sip. And designed for shared kitchens, the Keurig system eliminates the wasted time and water of brewing full pots, while custom tailoring each drink to your palate. So whether you’re in the mood for a creamy cappuccino, or the unmatched flavor of this global blend, you can have the perfect cup in minutes. Take a sip and see how when the world comes together, great flavor is made.

Compare prices Big Easy Bold 18 Count K-Cups

Emerils K-Cups: The Bold without the Bitter Every one of these Bold K-Cups packs a punch. Loaded with traditional Parisian roasted Arabica grounds, each mug full brims with deep, rich flavor, smoky undertones and a balanced acidity that other bold coffees cannot come close to. And since each K-Cup is vacuum sealed, every ounce of coffee delivers bold straight-from-the-roaster flavor that will lift the heaviest eyelids. Perfect for office kitchens, each cup conveniently brews in minutes without leaving a hint of residue in the maker, so if you share your Keurig with those of less adventurous palates, no worries, everyone will have a custom cup in minutes. Each of Emerils K-Cups is loaded with minimum 50 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, making not only the boldest part of your morning, but a good start for each day. An unbelievable taste in minutes, this coffee is big, bold and incredibly smooth while doing a bit of good for the world with every sip. Great coffee that’s robust without all the acid of other blends, Emeril’s K-Cups pack the punch that will get you going every morning, afternoon and keep you company on every all-nighter. Take a sip, you’ll love it. Bam!

Compare prices Butter Toffee Coffee 18 Count K-Cups

Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-Cups: Smooth, Creamy Sweetness Butter Toffee Coffee K-Cups bring rich aromas and a touch caramel goodness in the balanced, even tones of a medium roast. A delight for those who like a touch of toffee, this flavored coffee brings smooth buttery taste and a hint of dessert to your lips with every sip. Whether accompaniment for weekend cinnamon rolls or a well deserved afternoon treat, each pack brews in minutes, delivering sweet balanced flavor to your cup just when you want. While Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-Cups are brimming with flavor, they also brew with simplicity and freshness that can’t be matched. Packaged in a vacuum sealed K-Cup, each ounce of this delicious blend is kept roaster fresh until seconds before the brewing process begins and hot water flows through producing a rich buttery brew just for you. Whether sweet delicious coffee is a daily ritual or a treat for special occasions, the Keurig system makes brewing and sharing a kitchen, both at home and in the office, easy and delicious. Add these K-Cups to your cupboard and get a sip of toffee goodness and lift of a medium roast whenever a sweet mood strikes.

Compare prices 12 Cup Progam Coffee Maker Stainless Steel

This gorgeous 12-cup stainless steel coffee maker has not only a programmable clock/timer but also a 2-hour shutoff system that will turn the coffee maker off in case you forget. In addition, the sleek coffee maker offers an automatic 'pause and serve' function and has a nonstick keep-hot plate so that your coffee will always be fresh and warm. Features are the drip-free carafe, the transparent water tank and a blue backlit display. This coffee maker uses cone paper filters type 4.

Compare prices Black 10 cup Built-In Coffee System


Compare prices Bronze 4 cup Built-In Coffee System